Evolve E46 M3 Carbon Airbox

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Since its inception in 2011 the Evolve Carbon Airbox has been a very important and popular product for the company. Modelled on the OE CSL airbox with a slight twist, we were the first company to sell the airbox tune and all accessories required to fit as a turn key solution.

Although the airbox provides excellent power gains from stock with a 25-30 BHP and 15-20 lb.ft torque gain many customers tell us that this is a secondary reason for purchase and that they really love the airbox for the glorious CSL-eque sound it makes.

For those that have not heard it in real life, here are a few videos our customers have made over the years trying to capture the eargasmic induction roar of the S54 at full chat. Enjoy with speakers or headphones turned up!

For further information on the airbox or to purchase, please click HERE